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Свободный раздел / Re: Взять деньги в долг
« Последний ответ от kirikibus Октября 19, 2018, 05:46:15 pm »
Не очень охотно будут выдавать кредит тем у кого нет образования или было плохое прошлое с кредитованием. Если вы хотите навести порядок со своими делами, то предоставить вам любые документы может компания http://diplom-v-rossii.com/. Советую пообщаться с менеджером на сайте по этому поводу.
Свободный раздел / Re: Покупка квартиры в Алматы
« Последний ответ от JaneBisping Октября 19, 2018, 01:38:59 pm »
Отличный город, безспорно,  там также много хороших фирм и сайтов, рекомендую посетить -лист оцинкованный
Свободный раздел / 304L Stainless Steel price
« Последний ответ от pati520bi Октября 19, 2018, 08:13:55 am »

Ningbo Qiyi Precision Metals Co.,Ltd (QIYI STAINLESS STEEL) is a leading mill that specializes in the manufacture of precision stainless steel strips, coils, and sheets, with an annual production capacity of 60,000 tons. Founded in 2001, Ningbo Qiyi is located at the Ningbo National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone in the harbor city of Ningbo on the east coast of China.
Covering an area of 87,000 square meters, Qiyi is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including 20-high sendzimir mills, degreasing cleaning lines, continuous bright annealing furnaces, skin pass mills, a tension leveler, slitters and fly shears. We are capable of supplying various types of stainless steel strips in different grades, hardnesses and surfaces with gauges ranging from 0.05 mm to 1.0 mm.
Our primary products include 304-grade, 430-grade, and 301-grade stainless steel in different finishes, including bright annealed (BA), 1D, 1/2H (where H denotes hard), 3/4H, and H. Qiyi has obtained an ISO 9001-2000 quality system certificate. Our products are widely used not only in China but also in the Far East, the Middle East, Europe and America and in many fields, such as information technology, medical instruments, computers and peripherals, auto parts, and home appliances.
With modern production technology and strong management expertise, Qiyi is committed to supplying top-quality products, on-time delivery, and superior services to our clients around the world.304L Stainless Steel price
Свободный раздел / Spalicing Fitting suppliers
« Последний ответ от pati520bi Октября 19, 2018, 08:13:41 am »
 *aggressive*Mid-Span Joint for ACSR conductor
Splicing Sleeves for ACSR Conductor, Shielding Wire(Hydraulic Compression Butt Joint). The inner sleeve is hot-dip galvanized steel, the outer sleeve and lining sleeve are aluminum.
The parameter of Mid-Span Joint for ACSR conductor
Catalog No.Suitable ConductorFigDimensions (mm) Slip Strength ≥(kN)Weight (kg)
JYD-120/25LGJ-120/2513426.0330902011.271.10.56Spalicing Fitting suppliers
Свободный раздел / Customized Coffee Table
« Последний ответ от pati520bi Октября 19, 2018, 08:13:15 am »
 *dash3*JL&C Furniture Co. Ltd is the premier manufacturer and supplier of quality furniture based on modern design principles. We are known throughout the industry for our attention to detail, world class service and support and our dedication to our craft. With JL&C Furniture Co. Ltd, your satisfaction is our top priority; you have our word on it.
Our company
Our Philosophy
Globally headquartered in Shanghai, China, JL&C Furniture Co. Ltd was built around our 20 years of design experience in the furniture industry. Using the highest quality raw materials and stringent quality control standards, we are able to produce competitively priced, high-end furniture that will become a focal point in your home or office.
JL&C Furniture Co. Ltd offers exclusive, high end furniture and home goods to consumers all over the world. For your home, office, hotel or night club, you can count on JL&C Furniture Co. Ltd to supply you with the highest quality, friendliest service and most knowledgeable support in the industry.
Our customers are important to us and we strive to give them complete satisfaction with every purchase. We are committed to providing the highest quality product possible; shop with us today and see the difference modern design will make in your home.
The 8th China Furniture Design CompetitionThe 9th China Furniture Design Competition
The 17th International Famous Furniture Fair(Dongguan)The 21th China Guangzhou International Furniture Expo
Connect With Us
To learn more about JL&C Furniture Co. Ltd and our extensive collection of high quality furniture and home accessories, contact us and let one of our friendly, experienced representatives assist you and answer any questions you might have.
Thank you for visiting us today and for making JL&C Furniture Co. Ltd the world’s leader in quality neo-classical furniture for your home, hotel or night club.
Shanghai JL&C Furniture Co., Ltd
Add: #729, Shenglong Road, Jiufu Development Zone, Shanghai, China
Tel: +86-21-67626388 ext:881
Mob: +86-13611769803
Fax: +86-21-67691049
Email: [email protected] Coffee Table
Свободный раздел / Cross quotation
« Последний ответ от pati520bi Октября 19, 2018, 08:13:04 am »
 *wizard*Considerable Scale - Supply Capacity of Juncheng Steel Pipe
There is such a professional manufacturing team in China.
In 1997, they engaged in the development of steel pipe products in a state-owned enterprise;
In 2002, they invested and established a steel pipe manufacturing enterprise through stock participation;
In 2010, they invested and established the brand "Juncheng Steel Pipe";
So far, they have engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of steel pipe for nearly 20 years.
Headquartered in Beijing, following China's political, economic and cultural development trend, it owns three production bases and six production plants in Tianjin, Shandong, and Inner Mongolia.
Nearly two billion in assets, with nearly 1,000 acres of the production plants, more than 60 sets of all kinds of pipelines and related facilities, to achieve production capacity of 3 million tons.
Galvanized Steel Pipe,ERW Steel Pipe, Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel Coil,Galvanized Steel Coil,Hollow Section, Sheet Pile, Pre-galvanzied pipe, Fire Fighting Pipe, Lining Plastic Steel Pipe, Plastic Coated Steel Pipe, Deformed Bar, Wire Rod, Fittings, Sections.
Construction, Water Transportation, Gas and Oil,  Fire Fighting 
ISO9000, ISO14000, ISO18000, CE certificate
the group company has 16 hot galvanized steel pipe production lines, 20 straight-seam welding pipe production lines, 10 plastic-lining composite pipe production lines, 6 plastic-coating composite pipe production lines, 6 spiral-seam double-side submerged arc welded pipe production lines and seamless steel pipes, petroleum casing pipes, pre-galvanized steel pipes, pipe fittings and other manufacturing facilities.
Juncheng Pipeline has become the stable provider to provide series of “Juncheng” brands pipes to a number of large-sized enterprises such as China Gas Holdings Group, China Resources Gas Group, Hong Kong and China Gas Group, ENN Energy Holdings Co., Ltd., PetroChina Kunlun Gas, PetroChina Daqing Oilfield, Sinopec, CNOOC, China Railway, China State Construction, China Nuclear Construction, State Grid, China Wanda Group, SUNAC Group, Wuhan Subway etc in the aspects of gas, fire protection, water supply, structure, threading pipes etc. And our products are exporting to Southeast Asia, Africa, Mideast, South America and other districts.
Material testing of steel pipe—— Spectrometric Analyzer
The world's top direct reading spectrum -- German spike direct reading spectrometry can not only detect the common elements, but also analyze in detail the microelements in the sample, even part of the rare earth elements
Material testing of steel pipe—— Infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer
To test the content of carbon and sulfur in the raw materials, the samples are burned at high frequency, and the infrared principle is used to detect the accurate results in 30 seconds.
Material testing of steel pipe—— Metallographic Analyzer
The specimen can be amplified to 1260 times by using high power microscope, and the metallographic structure of the sample is analyzed in detail.
Universal testing machine of steel pipe——Impact Testing Machine
Maximum detection impact energy 300J, meanwhile equipped with ultra cryostat, the impact strength can be detected below 60 degrees centigrade.
Material testing of steel pipe —— Manganese,phosphorus and silicon intelligent analyzer
The content of manganese, phosphorus and silicon in raw materials are tested. Based on the principle of chemical analysis, chemical reagent is used to release the color of each element, and the content of manganese, phosphorus and silicon in the raw material is tested accurately according to the absorbance of the color.
China mechanical properties inspection of steel pipe Universal testing machine
With maximum loading capacity of 50 tons, the flattening test can be implemented to detect the welding quality, and the tensile test can also be carried out to detect the mechanical properties of the material.
Zinc Test——Spectrophotometer
Based on the absorption spectrum of substance to study the composition, structure and interaction between matters, this effective means can effectively detect the composition of the material.
Zinc coating corrosion resistance test——salt-mist corrosion tester
The two salt spray test chambers utilize sodium chloride to create a neutral salt spray environment, and monitor the corrosion resistance of the finished pipes constantly.
Environmental Monitoring
Equipped with complete quality testing equipment, including COD tester, precision pH meter, turbidity meter etc to strictly control the water qualityCross quotation
Свободный раздел / China Astaxanthin 2.5% cws Powder manufacturers
« Последний ответ от pati520bi Октября 19, 2018, 08:12:46 am »
 *russian_ru*Hestia (Shandong) Biotech Co., Ltd
Since 2002 from New Zealand, Hestia Biotech has been a global leader in the development, utilization and sourcing of marine biotechnology, nutraceuticals ingredients for the dietary supplement, and food and beverage industries.
Hestia Biotech has provided the highest quality natural ingredients to clients worldwide. We start with the highest quality, wild-crafted, organic and non-GMO raw materials and produce natural health products and nutritional solutions that aid and enhance people's well-being and quality of life.
Over the years we have built a substantial customer base and have great working relations with our clients and vendors. Our knowledgeable and professional staff is constantly up to date in order to keep our clients informed of the latest trends and clinical studies relating to raw materials, new products, new technologies and innovative ideas in the nutraceutical Industry.
Our mission is to provide the highest standard in the industry, complete customer satisfaction with prompt and accurate response to all inquiries, great customer service, reliable deliveries and extremely competitive rates.China Astaxanthin 2.5% cws Powder manufacturers
Свободный раздел / Abrasion-Resistant Tin bronze Connectors price
« Последний ответ от pati520bi Октября 19, 2018, 08:12:37 am »
 *wizard*Wuxi Dongao Nonferrous Casting Co., Ltd. is a growing modernized production enterprise in charge of  pressure-bearing, sand castings products and processing after 30 years of development.Our company has a large number of experienced casting experts and employees, whose capabilities are in a very high casting level and having an extraodinary  technical ability  so as to  guarantee  our customers with excellent products.
We mainly produces all kinds of pumps and high pressure valve products, such as shell, valve body, impeller, ring, gland and other complex copper castings. All these materials are aluminum bronze, tin bronze C95800, C95500, C83600, C87600, RG5, RG9, RG10, etc.Most of our products are used in shipbuilding, machinery and other industries, and the company has capacity for annual production  is over 600t castings.
.Quality is the most important principle in our company, and our company has built a comprehensive quality management control system and passed the ISO9000 Product Quality Certification. Our company implemented a product traceability system in the production process in 2008, so that the element composition of each product can be traced relying on the code information.
The company with a strong technical strength and strict products quality control is dedicated to providing customers  affordable prices and punctual delivery.We build a  long-term cooperation with customers.Abrasion-Resistant Tin bronze Connectors price
Свободный раздел / Customized automatic input
« Последний ответ от pati520bi Октября 19, 2018, 08:12:13 am »
 *vampire*Automatic feeder
The automatic feeder is equipped to draw bench, straightener and so on, and for the purpose of easing the work strength of the worker and improve the efficiency of the production.
There are kinds of shape of feeder, we can make according to client’s requirement.
With wide experience and expertise, Wuxi Xinhu is specialized in professional parameter of straightening machine with whole set of automatic material rack as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy and wholesale the precise and durable bulk appliance from our factory. We are one of the famous brands, offering you the free sample and the customized service.Customized automatic input
Свободный раздел / China multilayer composite pipe manufacturers
« Последний ответ от pati520bi Октября 19, 2018, 08:11:00 am »
 *vampire*Polypropylene Nonwoven Fabric Lamination PE Film Disposable Bed Sheet And  Disposable Surgical Cap Manufacturers
PE film coated SMS/spunbond nonwoven fabric, PE film can be any color, blue is always the frequently choice. PE film directly laminated with SMS/spunbond nonwoven fabric, its weight is 12-30gsm, the SMS nonwoven is a 3 layers nonwoven, very good water resistance function.
Max width is 1.6m, usually we produce 1.5m width, in order to cut sides neat. This PE film coated nonwoven fabric can be used for medical bed sheet and disposable surgical or envirnmental shopping bag. The waterproofing function and good tensile fabric ability make this material wide usage!
1.Absorbent material helps contain fluid, and the polypropylene backing helps keep underpad in place
2.Combines convenience, performance and value for an unbeatable combination and feature a quilted soft cotton/poly top layer for added comfort and quicker wicking away of wetness.
3.Integra mat bonding- for a strong, flat seal all around. No plastic edges exposed to patient's skin.
4.Super absorbent - keep patients and bedsheets drier.China multilayer composite pipe manufacturers
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